from a duty fighter ... to peaceful warrior

Did you know that oaks can live for up to 700 years; that an oak tree only produces its first flowers when it is around 50 to 80 years old and that old oaks can reach a trunk diameter of up to two meters? The Bach flower essence Oak is extracted from the oak blossom. The oak embodies strength and endurance.

Oak personalities are powerful, dutiful, reliable, tireless workers. They are strongly rooted "earthy" people. It almost seems as if these people draw elemental forces from the ground. With a naturalness that can only be found in these people, they take on the tasks of their fellow human beings as well as their own. Even illnesses are ignored as far as possible. These people fight against all difficulties and never lose hope. Tiredness and weakness are not shown to the outside world.

All these qualities are very positive. However, the excessive sense of duty and ignoring all signs of exhaustion in the body can lead such people to a state of total exhaustion or serious illness from time to time.

In times of weakness or illness, the blossom will help these extremely strong people to listen better to their body and its wishes. The inner pressure to be active at all costs disappears. People begin to look at tasks that are set for them from a new perspective. A lighter, more playful element returns and gives these people a renewed zest for life. The "elemental forces from the ground" can flow freely again.

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